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Camtasia Learning

Learn how to capture, edit, and produce videos using Camtasia 9

Advanced Web Hosting

The services we provide are for the users that want systems that are managed by server professionals.

Bob is a full time computer technologist and has been a trainer since the late 1980’s, loves to share his knowledge, and being of services to others

Done For You Services 

SMTP Service Includes

Create a account at ElasticMail
Add your domain to ElasticMail
Edit and add the needed entries to our DNS Zone File
Add the needed entries to a selected Everlesson Membership or LCS Account

Cloudflare Service Includes

Create your own Cloudflare account
Add the domain of your choice to Cloudflare
Have the NameServer changed at your Domain Registrar
Add the changes to your Everlesson Membership or LCS Account

AWS Service Includes

Create your AWS Account
Create up to 3 users for you in IAM
Create your first buckets for you.
Integrate your ASW S3 account in Everlesson

 Other Services 

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is more than just taking it from anyone that offers it. It has to be done right. That what we do with what we offer. It advanced hosting and we do it the right way.


Have you ever thought you had something to teach?  We build professional Membership sites, where we can keep your membership engaged.

Video Creation

Whether making videos for marketing, sales, training, or demonstration it all requires the use of Video editing software. Camtasia Studio is my software of choose. I created a Camtasia Learning course which provides everything you need to create your own videos.


I do a regular webinar that discuss and teach a variety of subjects related to “how the internet works” and other technical subjects.
Access is open to everyone at no cost. The only requirement is you have to want to learn. All the prior sessions are recorded and in my Membership site.